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Loved this game

This game is pay to play

So almost all the cars in the game are either Rare exports which you basically have to spend money and aren’t even promised the car or have to buy car with gold which cost way to much this game is basically a frickin money pit...... don’t even put a signal penny on this game..... such a SCAM.

Bring gifting in the game

Please bring gifting in the game because I had some good cars on my iPad and I only play the game on my phone and I want to gift the cars to my brother please put gifting in the game

Good game with one flaw

The Live servers are horrible, constant drop when trying to start a race, this includes while playing on WiFi

10 minutes wait for 1 race!



Thats true on this app...if you wanna progress in the game...no money you stock lossing online. and even if you buy a lot of keys its not guarantee youll get a better car.

Better then the first one

Great game better then the first but I still play both can’t get enough thanks!

Well done. Needs some work. Overall fun

This is a very fun game. At time it does get a little to pay to win. Sometime when you get the silver key box draw it’s cars you can buy with game money. In my opinion that needs to change so you don’t get those cars. Sometime live races don’t match well you get put up against overpowered players. Sometimes you have connection issues also. But I will say 90% of the time I really enjoy playing. Winning and even losing.

I love ❤️ the game

This game is the best the real 💵💵💵💵💵is sad for me I do not have a lot of 💵💵💵. 🙍‍♂️🙍‍♂️🙍‍♂️🙍‍♂️🙍‍♂️.


It is pretty fun to play


I wish we could add body kits


Debería poder comprar todas las piezas asta de clase 5

Best game

Is the best game of race


Me encanta

CSR2 (the best game ever)

I really like this game, I’ve had it like forever and it just never gets old, I love the cars in the game but it just needs more trucks, but other then that it is a really cool game, we should be able to buy all the cars with in game cash.

Fun but I have one issue...

I would rate this game 5 stars but there is one thing that I have a problem with, the final tier 5 boss is too hard to beat. I have 4 of the best cars in the game, but, I have to have multiple stage six upgrades and fusion parts to beat him. I’ve put hundreds of hours in this game, grinding for resources for my cars and keys for the import lot, but I get every stage six upgrade or fusion parts that have nothing to do with the make and model of my cars. It’s like the game developers want us to pay them to pass the last Tier 5 boss. Also, if the devs of this game are reading this, I would like to say that they need to keep up with the development of this game. People are posting videos on YouTube of how to cheat. If the devs were keeping track of these kinds of things, the game would be a lot better. I mean, why pay for upgrades for your vehicle when you can just turn your WiFi/ data and then turn off your device and you have a free upgrade...the game thinks that you haven’t played for a while, and gives you a free upgrade.


When are you going to put a dodge Cummins in the game or any type of truck

It’s all about the omighty $$$$$$$$$

I agree with its all about $$$$$$$ I have accumulated close to 17000 in gold and I currently have over 37 million dollars without spending a dime and none of my tier 5 cars will run anywhere close to 9.21 in a half a mile to be able to get my elite license and yes I have almost all fusion parts and stage 6 upgrades the fastest time I have logged is 10.21 with one of my tier 5cars No amount of tuning Will get me to go any faster wake up people it’s nothing but a scam. They are making money hand over foot and and really could care less.

Live racing is horrendous

Unless you want to spend real money (and a lot of it!)($100 real dollars for 1,000,000 in game cash!!) I make that in game with about an hour of grinding with live racing. Now to my point, the disconnection issue that happens 9/10 live races makes this game unplayable. Also, when being challenged by another racer the screen just sits at “connecting” for 20 seconds then says “disconnected” 9/10 times makes this game UNPLAYABLE. For a app that is generating approximately 70k/A DAY!! One would think the server infrastructure would be slightly better then this garbage. Not looking for the game to work 100% every time but when I can’t race 9/10 races due to being disconnected I uninstalled because I am not spending hundreds of dollars to achieve what I can with very minimal grinding. Side note, I live in the US so no excuse for the servers to be this terrible.

I’ve literally lost everything I had??

I got a new phone recently and had to switch my Apple ID and make a new account to unlink mine from my dads account. When I did that we put me on the same Game Center that I was on on my old phone. I had several million dollars and somewhere in the range of 5-7 garages full of cars. Now I have two garages I’m back to tier 4 (I had beat 5) and I have zero dollars and zero gold. Please give me some logical explanation for this because this is unacceptable. The amount of time and money I’ve spent on this game is absolutely ridiculous.


Pretty fun

Great game!

This is a great game. I play it everyday, but there are a few suggestions I think would make this game even better. For the chat, i think there needs to be an area where you can direct message someone so it only goes to that specific person as well as being able to add a group conversation for admin and the leader to communicate. I also think there should be more challenges added each day to get more money and RP faster in order to reach goals. One last thing would be changing the setting for your team. The leader being able to set a minimum level to be able to add new players that way if you’re trying to have a high ranking team you don’t automatically get players just starting out on your team and have to keep removing for non participation. I just think it would team management easier.


Por que no puedo jugar online?

Complete Money Grab

Begs for money after every other race and if you don’t play it’s a completely joyless grind to get anything done. I’d give it zero stars if I could.

Great game would recommend a

Now I don’t usually write reviews so that’s gotta say something about this game. This game is very fun and highly addictive. It has great graphics and a lot of competitiveness. There is also a great variety of cars and there is online racing too. I love this game and would recommend it to everyone who loves a good competitive racing game

Fix your software!

Live racing is HORRIBLE! That’s if you can even get in to race! Whoever is writing the software should be FIRED. The problem has been going on for months and all they keep saying is we are working on it. Would be a great game if not for live racing problems.

LOVE IT! (*[]*)

This game is awesomely addictive and awesome game to car players but it’s hard to beat the crew battles but FORGET IT! the game is soooooooooooooooooooo nice to me in prestige parts I game me 2 T3 cars! INFORMATION! There is 5 tiers T1 is the starter T2 is intermediate T3 is advanced T4 is pro T5 is the monster pros T1 red T2 yellow T3 blue T4 green and T5 is grey/white whatever I’m not very good at colors but buy this (‘~’) sigh I wish there is a CSR 3 in the future I’m Mitchell 8 yr old player BD:June 8 2010

Asphalt 9 is better

I didn't realize that you can only drive straight but it's an decent game

Fix parts

I think that the parts you can add onto upgrades should be combined to higher rarity with all the duplicates.


I’m always thrilled to be able to get back on this game! It always delights me with new cars to experiment with and it always results in fun so keep it up!

Good game but one problem

In live races my game keeps on saying that my opponent keeps disconnected and mostly it happens every time, the buttons to start racing doesn’t start immediately.

Solid game

I enjoy playing this game there our alot of people that also play and it have a great setting and player base


Great game

The game it’s really fun

The game is fun but I when against this hacker which I didn’t know and I bet 11,000 on live racing and I was beating him and some how he flow pass me and we had the same car I was wining at first now I lost lots of money

Fix the bugs for iPhone users

I’m so upset. I can’t play online (iPhone) and I’m not the only one, I can’t do my objectives and obviously can’t get de rewards 😡

It’s so much fun

It’s a cool game it has cool cars happy 70anniversary porch thank you bye


done spending $ on this game if it ain’t free i will lose everytime

I used to love this game

When I started out a couple of years ago this game took care of those that played. You got stage six parts for all kinds of stuff. You could win all the gold you needed to be competitive. You could get all kinds of fusion parts not just the same 5 brands over and over. Then NM started making “improvements”. All it did was make the game harder to be competitive without spending money. I had hopes some of this would be undone when they even agreed changing the daily rewards only hurt the players but it has not gotten better it has only gotten worse. I know I don’t spend as much as others so I’m sure my review will not make any difference to NM but they have ruined an amazing game for me. I cannot even get the parts to finish a PC cup race any more without spending money. I hope they undo all their greedy stupidity.

There are some glitches Amazing game, So much attention to detail !

The glitches I’m talking about is when I’m in a token cup I will race and load to the map or garage and my game will freeze and I’ll have to restart my phone or close app if it’ll let me.

Please fix online race

I can’t playing online race already 2 months Any player with which I want to play I see what this player was disconnected and so every time

Missing a some cars

I love it but i wish the RollsRoyce and Lamborghini Diablo and Cadillac was added in the game

Fun Game But It’s Rigged

Overall, I am very disappointed in this game. It’s fun for a little while and it has great graphics, but if you play a lot you start noticing the patterns and biases, which may become frustrating. The good parts about CSR2: - great graphics - user-friendly interface - fun gameplay - good selection of cars The bad parts about CSR2: - good selection of cars, most of which are unattainable - it favors infrequent players - the live race feature is massively unreliable - decent “fusion parts” are very few and far between and it becomes a waste of time and effort trying to chase them down - in-game purchase (micro-transaction) prices are steep ($1,000,000 in in-game currency costs $99.99 USD) and are rarely worth the purchase, even when they’re offered at a discount - there are always “challenges” that require a certain make of car in order to participate in (e.g. Ferrari, Porsche, Bugatti), which are nearly impossible to get - the more you play (or the higher your rank), the less likely you are to get awarded decent cars (3+ star or upper tier cars) from the “Rare Imports” crates My suggestions to new players: - don’t make in-game purchases because they are rarely worth it - if you’re going to make in-game purchases (coins, currency, or keys), do it very early on in your career - don’t expect to be able to play every part of the game without a significant and unreasonable investment in time and money My suggestions to the developers: - reward players that spend significant time playing your game - make higher-tiered cars (T4 and T5) more accessible, possibly by allowing them to be purchased using in-game currency or to be won through tournaments/events that are open to all makes and models - either make “boss cars” more upgradeable, or make them fast enough to get you through the majority of the next level events such as ladders and boss races - find a better way to let your players earn fusion parts, possibly by purchasing them, winning them (for the makes the players already own), or making them by fusing other makes’ parts together - put more effort into retaining your customers


This is an amazing game, but my biggest problem is not being able to change the rims after you buy a car. I bought a car once and had forgotten to put the right rims on so I had to sell it and rebuy it. So can you make it so we can change rims and the colors after we buy a car?

Live races stink

I really like everything about this game except the live races.I have complained about it and they simply say that they know about it and are trying to solve the problems. You can understand a few days of problem solving but this has been going on for several months. A rough guess would be about a 10% connection rate.

Outstanding game but...

I love this game, i always play it every single day but i recently transfered from andriod to an iphone and there is not a option to where i could transfer my progress from my old andriod device to my new ios device, could you guys please add a option to fix this issue.

Dont like it at all


Mixed Feelings

Let me start by saying this is by far the best game I’ve ever had on my iPhone. I’ve had this game for 2 years now grinding so hard to get where I’m at. Graphics are great, sound is good and the story line is just long. FYI still haven’t beat it. I’ve actually fully given up on trying to beat the story and focused more on joining crews for online racing. My most annoying issue I’ve come to deal with is the servers for online racing. I’ve gotten kicked from multiple crews for not being able to gain points. Having a crew of guys/girls in this game is most of the reason people still play. Will there be an update sometime? Hopefully so soon for iOS 12.

Regera driving issues

There seems to be an issue with the Koenigsegg Regera’s driving programming, when in DD on, the car will suddenly register wheel spin, even though there wasn’t any at lower speeds and I never saw any other car do this. The Regeras you are given for daily battles could never be driven fast enough to trigger this issue.

How do yo u get vr on iPad mini 2

Dear Developers CSR2 is the best racing game on the AppStore and I rate it 5 stars but how do get to the vr on my platform?

  • send link to app