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I’m not digging the new update. Since the new update came it has minimize the ability for those who doesn’t spend money to get good cars. I grind hard for silver and gold keys that’s have been reduced. I have became highly disappointed with this game.

I’m disappointed

I love this game but it deleted my whole progress I was in tier 5 I had like 13 cars and I had like 7 gold keys and now I can’t get that account back I’m really disappointed of this game.

Old purchase problems

I absolutely love this app, I use to play if years ago, and have screen shots of my purchases & new gamer ID. Is there anyway that I can get my purchases back onto my new account?


Buenísimo lo recomiendo

Chance you win rare cars\parts

Very high because I got a 5 star rare car in first try so yeah great game and thanks to you

Good game but why is there no trading

Ok I like this game but the only thing I want they to add in CSR 2 is trading because I have many cars I a don’t know what to do with them but if they add trading everyone could trade car for I guess car parts money gold or other cars but the down side is that people will be scamming other people so the solution is make a chart of all the cars and see what is what so like if you what a 718 Boxster S but you don’t know what to give you look at a chart and see what cars you can give them for a good deal so anyway I just what csr to add trading ok.

Really fun but...

Imagine you’re playing the campaign, and you rush through the first tier and get to the boss fight. When the boss fight ends you are presented with an opportunity to race the boss a second time to win his car, and for the race you are given the option to spend three dollars to buy special nos. You opt out thinking that your skill level will be good enough to win. You’re not. So you think okay my car must have not been good enough so next tier you don’t rush. You take your time, you fully build your car to the max that you can (without spending real money and a ridiculous amount of time hoping and praying you get tier 6 parts) and you finally do the boss race. You confidently press the no button when offered the $3 nos.... and you loose. That is the only major flaw I find with this game. With too much emphasis on spending money, and no way to win through sheer will.... it’s still fun though.

Crashes a lot

I was trying to get a boss car when my game crashed and since you only have one shot at getting a boss car I couldn’t get it anymore. Also crashes a lot during races.

BMW m3

Love your game I just wanted to tell you guys that you should add a bmw m3 e46

Kind of annoying

It's fun sometimes but the "preset" races are rigged. You can clearly cross the line first but still lose.

Great game but.....

Sadly I have reached the point where I must pay to play. I need a T5 car don’t see any real way to acquire one with forking over some cheese...bummer

Csr2 best game

Get this game


It works perfectly but I can’t get to rare inmports or WiFi races and in the game it says I don’t have WiFi when I do I tried other apps and they worked perfectly and checked my WiFi connection,I updated the game and it still wouldn’t work so idk :( what’s wrong.


This games is amazing the amount of detail that they put on a mobile platform is crazing. U can see all that detail in ar mode as well in the actual game. Amazing job

Best Racing Game!

Great game. I love it! In fact I’m a bit addicted to it. But the only thing is you should add more customizable options, for example: change colors of rims, have more options like add/ remove parts such as spoiler and exhaust pipes and choose from a variety of different parts, add more paint colors,aybe add decals/logos

Great graphics is the only good thing

Constantly win same cars when you have enough keys to cash them in, takes way too long to earn gold keys. Not enough challengers to earn silver keys and you only earn gold keys by beating bosses or the daily reward at the end of a monthly cycle.

Rng and reward system junk

Don’t spend your silver keys until an event. Same goes for bronze. You’re going to blow through a lot of those getting really bad cars. This game is an absolute money grab. Support is barely helpful. It’s fun but honestly the two main stayed issues kill this game. I’m pretty much done with the game. The devs are not really interested in changing anything. So it was fun. Maybe if they’d actually made the rng and reward system better I’d come back. It’s doubtful at this point.


it is a very newice game


Better than I thought and it’s free highly entertaining !

Love it but....

I love the game but can you make A.R work on iPad mini 4?


It is awesome

No luck at all

You can spend all the money you want in this game but no matter what “luck” is not on your side and the way you get cars is not “random” at all. I’ve spent money multiple times on this game and have tried to pull over 15 cars and the best I’ve gotten is a 3 star. This is just sad and the developers need to fix it!

Crew management

Why can’t I remove people from my own crew, I kick them and it doesn’t do anything they’re still there fix this please


How can I get the bmw i8 and what is the wildcard

Great, but...

Another Edit Only reason I keep adding to the list is because I really like the game and feel the dev team could make this a smash hit if they would listen to the people’s choice. I’m adding back 1 star because the game play(excluding live race) is great. However, the issues with the wildcards is silly. You know what the complaints are, you’ve been reading these complaints for over a year. Why no action Natural Motion? Are you truly satisfied with mediocre? Edit I’m lowering from 2 stars to 1 star. Seems like these concerns of mine are quite common if you read the reviews of other players. Shame on the dev for not addressing these issues. Great looking game. Flawless performance, functions well. Want to spend real money however, it’s lacking in some key areas and some features are cumbersome to use. 1. “Live Race” is wait in lobby for twenty minutes trying to connect to someone. Maybe it works sometimes, usually it doesn’t. Is it my network or device, no I think not. It’s CSR2. I’ve attempted to play live race on 4 different networks (2 private and 2 public). Same results, not bandwidth issue, 8ms ping, 150MBs down, 15 MBs up. Additionally, it’s been attempted on 4 devices, 3 iOS and 1 android. Same results, so your going to be playing this game to play against bots. Maybe a live race when it decides to work. 2. Farming Really should be easier to farm money on this game. Ladder race, can proceed to next race in same screen, once race completes. Regulation races are tiresome to continue to race. 5 clicks to stage the next race. Why can’t this have next race feature also? Understand the developer wants to make money, and supporting the developers is critical for any successful game. However it seems they went thru great lengths just to make this extra difficult and even if I do support the dev, it doesn’t get any easier to farm. I don’t like giving 2 stars and feel my opinions are a little harsh. This game might be perfect for some. Maybe you like playing simulation and not into the human factor. But, maybe not. Farming in a game like this is critical. Why so cumbersome? Minus 2 stars. Live racing against peers, maybe, but wouldn’t count on it. Minus 1 star.

Trade parts within team

Are there any plans to allow a feature where you can trade parts within your team?

Great game, but there needs to be more control options for crew admins

This game is AWESOME!!! I really enjoy it as a nice distraction each day. My low rating is to get the creators’ attention for some things they need to fix. There needs to be an option so that only crew admins can set off wildcards because lone wolf crew members can set them off and get all the RPs for themselves and not share with the crew. In addition, racers need to have the option to stay on the map after a daily battle instead of being forced back to the garage.


It is the best car game ever

Winning isn’t always correct

The creators need to fix the fact when you win and the cars are close that it should be a win and they say that if you finish the first and your head to head they say you lose.

Awesome game

10 of 10

Great game but....

This is an awesome game and I love playing... when it works. Most of the time it won’t let me online or the online features don’t work like the key box thing they have for upgrades. For this month iv missed out on several events because the online segment doesn’t work. When it is work it’s amazing. But it never works when I’m ready to play. Seems like it always wants to work when my phone gets down to 5%.....

Holy sh**

I will give a one star rating until I get my full account back. I have used up more than $500 of my own blood earned money on this game and now I’m back to rank 2 unbelievable. Somebody help me get my account back or I will file a refund of all the money, and remember I did say more than $500

This game is osom

Go get a million dollars created

Worth it

Probs the best game ever


Good game

Near perfect game

This is a great racing game. The reason I put 4 stars and not 5 is because of the “Live Racing”. It has major connection issues which makes it almost unbearable to play. If that was fixed, definite 5 star game.

Love the game

It's the best game I love it and it's realistic and fun. It's a game that is a game that helps you learn about car and stuff like that. But I would like that you can do stuff like maybe put a wing on your car or different rims or window tint under glow to your etc. that would be awesome

Poor realism, boss failure.

The cars all look realistic, but just playing trough T1 all those cars are Turtle slow compared to their real life stock counter parts. Took me until stage 3 and 4 to come close to a stock got speed. First boss, beat him fair and square all four races, especially the last race, by HALF A CAR LENGTH (no mistaking it) and it still said I lost and took my gold coins. Boo

Most fun gameplay

World It’s so much fun even though I just started no adds accept some but those are to buy things not inappropriate super super duper duper fun sorry for no periods!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good game but

Overall it’s a pretty fun game I do recommend to anyone wanting to try it out but if your gonna charge 2.99 for super nitrous at least let us win the race... I raced victor Kidd in the finals with super nitrous and I still lost I had perfect start and perfects shifts so yeah that was some bs by you guys tbh....that’s $3 to just lose honestly it’s infuriating

Very fun🤙🏻

I love this game but I think you should add more customizable options


Exciting game




Its a fun game. However the choices of cars to buy is so limited its almost not worth it

I never liked this game because when I beat the gold rushersI did not get the car


Good but could be better

This game is pretty fun to play, great graphics and great cars. What would really make this game better is the chance to do more customization. After winning some elite cars it would be nice to be able to change paint scheme, wheel options, and different graphics. On most elite cars won you get none of these options. You’re stuck with what you get, and some of the Cars you win are pretty ugly, paint and wheel combos mainly. At least having the option to possibly buy different paints, wheels, aero kits, maybe to change the look and sound of the cars would be plus on many levels as well. Other than that very good game though.


You guys need to make it so when we get crates and stuff that we don’t get the cars we already got. It’s really annoying. That should get fixed

Live races

Slice races should more available to people that wanna race. Instead of seeing busy all the time

Remember Dragster from the 80s? This is even better.

Color me impressed. This game is actually as good as it looks and it happens to look very very good. The gameplay itself is simple which is good because it’s just a drag race not rocket science. That being said I don’t know which impressed me more, the visual customization options or the performance custom options. Both are way beyond any mobile game I’ve seen. Put it this way: Your tire pressure affects grip. The times are even realistic so far. Stock I think my 86 ran high 16s and after a fair number of upgrades it’s down to 14.6 in the quarter. The only con I would say is that all the different races and bonuses and currencies etc are a bit busy or complicated for my liking but you can just as easily play the game without worrying about any of that if you choose to and it’s still really fun.

Bad sound

Y does my gtr sound like a Lamborghini

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